19 Korotkevich Str., Minsk

Tel.: +375 (17) 215-40-52

Fax: +375 (17) 213-41-63



BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise

Mailing address: 19 Korotkevich Str., Minsk, 220039, Republic of Belarus

Email: office@ban.by

Contact phone numbers:

Director General:

+375 (17) 215-40-51

Reception: +375 (17) 215-40-52

Fax: +375 (17) 213-41-63

Administration hours:

From 8.15 to 17.00 except weekends and holidays of the Republic of Belarus.

Shift service mode: 24/7.

Reception of citizens:

Reception of citizens by the General Director is carried out every Tuesday from 9.00-12.30. Reception is conducted in the office of the Director General.

Reception of citizens by deputy general managers is carried out every Wednesday from 9.00-12.30. Reception is held in the offices of the Deputy General Director.

Driving directions