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Kuprashevich Anatoly
Head of the Grodno Branch

Grodno Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise

Grodno airport obtained the status of an international airport in 1993. This is a modern air transport enterprise capable to provide 24h services to the following aircraft: Ilyushin-76, Tupolev-154, Tupolev-204, Boeing-737-800, Boeing-757-200, Airbus-320 and other aircraft of a lower class and all types of helicopters.

The aerodrome has two runways, taxiways, apron, parking places for 9 heavy aircraft, instrument landing system for approach and landing in unfavourable weather conditions during the day and at night.

The airport terminal has the capacity of servicing 300 passengers per hour. The airport has border control, customs control and other services necessary for international and domestic flights. The staff can provide services to international flights in English, German and Italian languages. Air traffic control services are provided in English and in Russian.

Grodno airport has convenient facilities for cargo processing, including transfer cargo. There is a commercial storehouse with loading facilities, and our staff provides excellent cargo services.

The airport is located near the western state border of Belarus, 18 km to the south-east of Grodno and 2 km to the south of Grodno-Minsk highway.

The airport is located at the crossing point of the traffic flows from North and Central Europe to Russia, Central Asia, Far East, from North Russia to Ukraine and South Europe, which is convenient to airlines since they may reduce their flight distances by cutting off the routes for a technical landing and refueling at Grodno airport.

In order to further improve its transit potential, Grodno airport enhances its activities to create conditions for attracting transit cargo flows via Grodno airport.

The territory of the airport has been included in the 5th segment of the Grodnoinvest Free Economic Zone. This fact, along with the favourable geographic location of the airport and positive prospects for the regional development in general, provides an attractive basis for building fruitful cooperation in air services.

Objectives and functions of the Grodno Branch

Provision of air transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo.

Carrying out of economic activities in accordance with the Articles of BELAERONAVIGATSIA State-Owned Enterprise.

Provision of air traffic services, radio-engineering and technical support to flights performed within the area of responsibility.

Provision of a base for Grodno Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise.

Grodno Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise

Postal address: Airport, Post Office Obukhovo, Grodno region, 231766, Republic of Belarus.



Contact phone numbers:

Reception: +375 (152) 73-15-07;

Fax: +375 (152) 73-15-50;

Services: +375 (152) 73-15-15, +375 (152) 73-15-32.

Opening hours:

08.15 h to 16.30 h, Monday to Friday.

The Head of the Branch receives visitors having personal issues on Thursdays from 08.15 to 12.30 h.

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