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Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)

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Download this file (UM_Circ_2020_A_003_en.pdf)AIC 003/2020 (A)This Circular contains information about subscription to aeronautical publications147 Kb
Download this file (UM_Circ_2021_A_001_en.pdf)AIC 001/2021 (A)Charges for the Air Navigation Services provided in the airspace of the Republic of Belarus196 Kb
Download this file (UM_Circ_2021_A_002-en.pdf)AIC 002/2021 (A)The present Circular contains information on implementation of new SNOWTAM format in the Republic of Belarus.325 Kb
Download this file (UM_Circ_2021_A_003-en.pdf)AIC 003/2021 (A)This Circular contains information that the membership of the Republic of Belarus in the EUROCONTROL European AIS Database (EAD) is suspended126 Kb
Download this file (UM_Circ_2021_A_004-en.pdf)AIC 004/2021 (A)Checklist of aip aeronautical information circulars (AIC)142 Kb
Download this file (UM_Circ_2022A_001_en.pdf)AIC 001/2022 (A)Notification of users about the introduction of navigation services using GNSS when performing flights in the airspace of the Republic of Belarus116 Kb
Download this file (AIC_001-2023.pdf)AIC 001/2023 (A)This Circular provides information to international airlines/agencies that plan and operate air services using the airspace of Minsk flight information region (Minsk FIR)126 Kb

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