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Rouris Sergey
Head of the Vitebsk branch

Vitebsk Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise

Vitebsk "Vostochny" international airport is located 15 km from the downtown, and 11 km from the border of the town of Vitebsk.

Many international airlines make use of the airport services.

We offer cooperation to any airline in the world to the benefit of both parties.

At the moment, the business plan for the airport development up to 2030 is being elaborated. The plan includes the creation of business terminals in the territory of the airport.

Vitebsk airport provides a full range of airport services to airlines.

Vitebsk airport provides comfort conditions to airlines. The airport maintains a high quality of passenger services and pursues a flexible and customer-oriented policy.

The airport has an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Certificate and Cat IVB, which allows to operate the aerodrome in unfavorable meteorological conditions. Therefore one can fly from this airport to any destination of the world and practically in any weather conditions.

Vitebsk Vostochny airport is capable to accept the following aircraft: Ilyushin-76, Tupolev-154, Boeing-737-800, Boeing-757-200, Airbus-310-200 and other aircraft of a lower class and all types of helicopters.

The runway is fit for modern aircraft.

There are 6 aircraft parking places.

Vitebsk Vostochny Airport provides the following services

  • Take-off and landing services;
  • Provision of the runway, taxiways, aprons;
  • Runway lighting system;
  • Ground search-and-rescue services in the vicinity of the aerodrome;
  • Emergency and fire prevention services;
  • Ornithological safety of flights in the terminal area;
  • Aeronautical information services;
  • Parking places for aircraft.

Aviation security measures

  • Access control and security control in all airport facilities
  • Guarding of the airport control area, including aircraft in the parking area, and guarding of airport facilities
  • Maintaining facilities and resources of the airport ready to respond to acts of unlawful interference
  • Coordination of aviation security activities in TMA
  • Provision of parking places for aircraft after landing for passenger, cargo and passenger/cargo certified aircraft when they have cargo and/or mail to be processed, loaded or unloaded at the airport of landing

Passenger terminal services

Provision of services to arriving, departing and transfer passengers in the passenger terminal, in accordance with the existing procedures, including services to the departing passengers from the moment they arrive at the airport up to the beginning of the check-in, and services to arriving passengers from the moment they disembark from the aircraft and up to their leaving the airport.

Meteorological services

Additional services

Aircraft operators may apply for additional services that the airport would provide to them upon their request, if available. Such services shall be agreed upon in writing.

Cargo services

The airport cargo terminal belongs to the Vitebsk Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA State-Owned Enterprise. The capacity of the cargo terminal is 60 tons of cargo per 24 hours.

The cargo terminal provides the transfer of cargo proceeding via Vitebsk Vostochny airport to other Belarusian and foreign airports.

Services to passengers travelling with children

The passenger traveling with children may make use of the mother-and-child room at no charge.

VIP Lounge

You can make your travel more comfortable if you make use of the airport VIP lounge. The VIP lounge provides comfortable conditions for relaxing and for working. The service staff will take you to/from board the aircraft by a service car.

You can organize a VIP meeting at the airport for company management, business partners, friends, highlighting their and your business opportunities and status.

Passenger and baggage check-in and customs and passport control will be carried out in the comfort lounge, separately from all other passengers.

Services to business aviation

Business aviation is an important feature necessary for success in business and for company development, for those people who try to spend their time and money most efficiently. You can plan the timetable and the route of your flights yourselves and travel to destinations which are not available for regular flights.

The full range of ground handling services is provided to business aviation aircraft.

Special services to flight crews: flight plans, hotel accommodation, transportation to\from the airport.

Provision of safe parking of the aircraft, including the armed guard.

Aircraft fuelling services.

Arrange for delivery of catering onboard the aircraft, including national dishes ordered from best Vitebsk restaurants.

Passengers may make use of the VIP lounge.

The VIP lounge has a range of facilities for relaxing and for business: meeting room, international telephone communications, Internet, facsimile communications, e-mail.

All customers are provided with free parking for their private cars.

Vitebsk Branch of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise

Postal address: Post Box 36, Vitebsk, 210038, Republic of Belarus. SITA:UMII.

Mail: fvitebsk@ban.by

Contact phone numbers:

Head of Vitebsk Branch: +375 (212) 204-303;

Working hours of the administration: +375 (212) 204-311;

Airport hours:

с 08-30 до 17-00 (except weekends and holidays)

с 06-30 до 13-30 UTC – summer;

с 07-30 до 14-30 UTC – winter.

Reception of citizens by the head of the branch is carried out every Thursday from 8.15-12.30. Reception is conducted in the office of the head of the branch.

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