St. Korotkevich, 19, Minsk, 220039

Tel .: +375 (17) 215-40-51

Fax: +375 (17) 213-41-63


  State-Owned Enterprise


The enterprise carries out the following types of foreign economic activity:

Export of services: provision of air navigation services to foreign users of the airspace of the Republic of Belarus relating to en-route segments of flights and also landings at and departures from the aerodromes of the Republic of Belarus.

Contact Information

BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise.

Postal address: St Korotkevicha, 19, Minsk, 220039, Belarus.


Contact details:

Director General: +375 (17) 215-40-51

Reception: +375 (17) 215-40-52

Fax: +375 (17) 213-41-63

Working hours of the management:

08.15 to 17.00 h Monday to Friday, excluding national public holidays

Working hours of the operational divisions: 24 h.

Visitors: Director General receives visitors in his office on Tuesdays, starting from 08.15-12.30 h. Deputies Director General receive visitors in their offices on Wednesdays, starting from 08.15 h.

  1. Schedule of "direct telephone line" public enterprise "Belaeronavigatsia"
  2. Schedule of reception of citizens on personal matters, their representatives, representatives of legal entities leadership of the State Enterprise "Belaeronavigatsia" and chiefs of branches

Reception of citizens by deputy general directors is carried out every Wednesday from 8.15. Reception is conducted in the offices of the Deputy General director.