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State-Owned Enterprise

Branch for Health Promotion

Leonid Medvedev
head of the branch
for Health Promotion

Branch for Health Promotion of state-owned enterprise BELAERONAVIGATSIA is a specialized medical, disease-preventive and cultural institution designated for health improvement of the enterprise personnel who have harmful working conditions and other employees of the enterprise and other aviation organizations, personnel of tenant organizations and individuals.

The structure of the branch includes - RAKETA Recreation Centre and pension ZVEZDNIY

The Branch for Health Promotion offers excellent opportunities for health rehabilitation of the personnel, including active and passive leisure activities, fatigue prevention, physical exercises and dietary nutrition. In summer the Recreation Centres are used as summer camps for children of the employees.

RAKETA Recreation Centre is located in one of the best health resort areasof Belarus, near Zhdanovichi, close to Minsk.

Photo Gallery 'Raketa'

RAKETA Recreation Centre has a license forthe provision of medical services, including massage, primary healthcare, dental care, ultrasound examination, physiotherapy, functional diagnostics. All medical and rehabilitation procedures are carried out using the most advanced eguipment. Diverse healthcare programmes have been implemented, such as procedures for treatment and prevention of diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases and other programmes.

A unigue type of treatment called speleotherapeutics is available at RAKETA.The centre hasa facility in which a healing microclimate of a salt mine is created.

RAKETA Recreation Centre includes five stand-alone houses for accommodation of visitors, administration office, medical unit, cafe, bar, swimming pool, sauna, gym and playgrounds. Swimming pool is a very attractive feature of the Recreation Centre, since swimming has a great healing effect on both adults and children. The swimming pool has three 25m lanes, two waterfalls, whirl pool jetsand sauna.

Football team of BELAERONAVIGATSIA SOE, which regularly participates in various local, national and international tournaments, conducts training at RAKETA Recreation Centre. BELAERONAVIGATSIA SOE organizes sports contests among its employees at RAKETA twice a year. These competitions boost corporate spirit, promote healthy lifestyle and serve a basis for successful work.

RAKETA is also used as a venue for various conferences and workshops.There is a conference room for 90 people here.

ZVEZDNY Recreation Centre is located in a picturesgue place surrounded by a pine forest, 42 km from Minsk.

Photo Gallery 'Zvezdny'

ZVEZDNY Recreation Centre includes five stand-alone houses for accommodation of visitors, cafe, dancehall, administration office, sauna and medical unit

ZVEZDNY offers excellent opportunities for leisure and sport activities. Besides, one may organize various events here, using the conference room for 150 people and banquet halls for 140 and 40 people.

Branch for Health Promotion of BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise.

Postal address: Health complex "Raketa", agro Zhdanovichi, Minsk district, Minsk region, 223031, Republic of Belarus.

E-mail: raketa@ban.by

Contact phone numbers:

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Opening hours

Every Thursday from 9.00 h to 17.00 h, appointment shall be made: + 375 (17) 510-39-28.